New FETA Audit Results Are Here!

The Fun, Ethical Triangular Alt-coin

A Binance Smart Chain DeFi deflationary token with non-custodial staking and charity support.

FETA launched at 3:33pm (PDT) on 03/30 with the max supply of 333,333,333

(yup, that’s three sets of three threes)

Holding FETA in your own wallet rewards you with distribution from any on-chain FETA transaction. Every FETA transaction also generates a burn of tokens and a distribution to the charity safe.

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Automatic 9% distribution from every transaction.

3% distributed to holders

3% burned

3% to charity

Let’s keep crypto fun and safe!

REMEMBER - Don’t buy crypto with money you need for something else. Pay your medical bills, your rent, maybe buy a friend a coffee, whatever, before you buy crypto.

Keep it fun and keep it safe. Look after yourself and others.

About the project

Feta token is a project from crypotochefs, a collective of crypto professionals committed to delivering innovative and class leading crypto products.

We want you to feel️ happy 😊 and secure 🔒 holding Feta token. Crypto is a trustless world, so remember: don’t trust, verify! With Feta token we’ve tried to make that verification as easy as possible


We wouldn’t expect you to invest your money in something that hadn’t been audited. That just doesn’t feel right. Feta token is being audited by Dessert Finance. That includes a review of our smart contract and all our associated socials. As soon as the audit is done, you'll be able to find the results and recommendations from the audit in the Audit section below.

79% of all tokens in liquidity

We’ve loaded up the liquidity on day one.

No large team wallet

We’ve kept 3% of Feta in the team wallet which is reserved for marketing and giveaways. Each member of cryptochefs has 3% too. That’s all. Everything else is in the liquidity pool. Feta isn’t for us, it’s for YOU.

Locked liquidity

New crypto projects need to have liquidity locked in. Once you’ve been with us for a few years you will know we are around for good, but until then we need to earn your trust. That’s something we will focus on every day. We can make a start on that by locking in our investment, and being fully transparent about our decision making process.

  • 33% locked for one month
  • 33% locked for six months
  • 33% locked for one year

All locked on unicrypt, the gold standard for liquidity locking.

Talk to us!

We’ve built a crypto, but what we really want to build is a community. We want to hear from you. We need to hear from you. We’ve got some big decisions to make, starting with what charities we support first. And that’s up to YOU. So reach out, whenever. You can pretty much guarantee one of us is awake.

Feta’s three 3s in more detail

3% burn

3% of every on-chain transaction is burnt. This means that FETA is deflationary - there is less and less of it over time. Like any asset getting scarcer over time you would expect this deflation to increase its value.

3% non-custodial staking

3% of every transaction is distributed to the wallets that hold FETA. You don’t need to stake your FETA anywhere, they stay on your wallet protected by your keys. Your share of the 3% rains down on your wallet with every on-chain transaction.

3% charity donation

3% of every transaction is sent to the charity wallet. We will hold charity voting events for the community to decide which charity to donate to.

The Team

Feta token is a cryptochefs project. Meet the cryptochefs team.



Lead Smart Contracts Dev, Full Stack Web Dev, NFT Lead
Rubend is our lead solidity dev and is responsible for the unique work of art that is the FETA smart contract. Also an experienced full stack web dev with a heap of work under his belt, rubend contributes to our team’s burgeoning talent pool of web developers. If you want to talk NFT roadmap rubend is your man.


Lead UI/UX Design, Lead Web Dev, Hosting
The FETA token website is Speronic’s baby, as is the FETA token logo. Speronic builds out our face on the web, bringing his clean style and good looks to each of our projects. He’s also responsible for keeping the lights on and our website up, which of course it always is. Other crypto startups take note 😉


Graphics and Design Lead, Branding and Social Media
Like the cryptochefs logo? Yeah, we do too, that’s all thanks to ElliotA. ElliotA has a wealth of social media management experience and is responsible for both the cryptochefs and FETA token brand.


Engagement and Marketing, Physical Merchandise
How did you hear about FETA? Chances are that it started with ETH, who is our team megaphone! He’s out there working the channels, making sure we get the message to the right places. ETH will also head up our physical merch operation, when it’s up and running.


Lead Apps Dev, Investor Relations, DEXs and Exchanges
Brando rounds out our dev team, taking responsibility for the apps we’ll deploy in the FETA ecosystem. Brando is also responsible for our relations with the various DEXs, CEXs and other entities in the cryptosphere. Desperate to see FETA on binance? Brando is the man to contact.


Lead Marketing Specialist
Everyone likes a good joke. Everyone wants to be entertained. But when it comes to using humor in content marketing, people still hesitate. We are, after all, not here purely to entertain. This is why Slice is here, Our content needs to serve a business purpose, inspire action, and rack up the sweet, sweet conversions.

FETA Roadmap

This is just the beginning - check out our roadmap for FETA

Q1 2021
Website launch
Social media up and running
Initial marketing
FETA is launched and available for purchase, no pre-sale
Q2 2021
Charity voting feature
Website Minigames
Website Blog
The launch of FETA’s sister NFT project, FATE
What's next?
We have many things cooking.. Check out the cryptochef’s roadmap in our whitepaper!

Audit results and recommendations

Charity Donation Process

We expect this process to evolve over time, for example if the community wants us to support a particular charity with a regular donation. As always, we will be guided by what you want.

Feta community charity liaison: ETH
Charity liaison: MD

Charity Ideas
If you have an idea for a charity we should support let us know through our social channels. Every week ETH will be monitoring these and compiling your ideas. At 3pm UTC every week we will compile these into a shortlist of SIX charities.
We will then load the voting poll on our website and announce the six options through our socials. Voting on the poll is then open and will remain open until 3am UTC on the following Tuesday.
The donation is then made to the number one charity in the poll. We will get a receipt for the donation, and post details here and also through our socials.


  • This is likely either slippage being too low or not setting the FETA amount to a round number. See our buying guide, or contact us on any of our social platforms - we'll be happy to help!
  • There is no burn address, 3% of each transaction is incinerated inside the smart contract itself, ceasing to exist. You can track the burnt token count by looking at the decreasing available supply (max supply is capped at the initial mint of 333,333,333), and also on this website.
  • Every week we will unlock the safe and make a donation using 100% of the funds in the safe to the charity chosen in our weekly community poll. For most charities this will involve us converting the funds into fiat currency and then making a donation. We will always get a receipt for this donation, and a link to the organisation where we can, and post this up on this website and through our social platforms.
  • Right here on this website (voting tool coming soon)
  • Hit us on twitter with your suggestion. We’ll compile these throughout the week and the top SIX go up in our poll for the next week’s voting.
  • No, not at all, just hold it in your own wallet, not on an exchange’s hot wallet.
  • That’s a good question, and one we have thought a lot about. We realise that knowing the team are real people is very important for trust. We feel the same way when looking at projects. At the same time, the internet can be a strange place, and as a group we decided we are not quite ready yet to dox ourselves to the world. Some people out there can do some strange things. . . But we’d still like you to know a bit about who we are, so we have included a team section where we share a bit about what we do. That’s what we are comfortable with for now, we hope it’s enough for you.
  • Reach out on telegram or twitter. We truly would love to hear from you.
  • BSCscan doesn’t seem to refresh certain pages, like the holders page. Click on your address and on the next page you’ll see your balance updated. Back on the holders page you can now see your new total and whether you’ve climbed in rank 😊